About Us

We provide turnkey HR solutions!

Naveli Enterprise Solutions (Nentsol) was established by entrepreneur Naveli Mathur with a vision to provide turnkey solutions in Human Resource Planning and Management. From a modest beginning, Nentsol has come a long way in developing, establishing and successfully implementing various tools and techniques required in today’s industry to effectively and efficiently manage the human resource aspect of the organization.

Company Policy & Objectives

  • To create an ideal platform where a successful employment is developed meeting the requirements of both interested parties.
  • Developing an effective and efficient HR system by provision of timely and quality talent for the client
  • Developing innovative techniques and methods to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its client organizations.

Nentsol recognizes the following

  • With the growing markets and associated opportunities, it is imperative to design a human resource package which creates a mutually win – win situation both for the employee and employer.
  • Creating a HR system which promotes a healthy and competitive work environment ultimately enabling employee retention along with job satisfaction.
  • Development of training and mentoring methods to bring the best out of the people during their tenure in the organization.

Nentsol, through its expert panel, has developed HR solutions for all of the above aspects. Nentsol has successfully assisted various types of organizations in establishing a strong HR including recruitment, training & employee management. It has also laid down the platform for such organizations in establishing a continuing process of HR development and improvement.

Nentsol has based its entire process of working on a basic fundamental principle of “Enabling Employment” which forms an integral part of its day to day operations